At The Early Years Nursery Kidlington, we provide inspirational childcare for a mixed age of children from birth to 5 years.

We are housed in the Old Farmhouse and situated within the grounds of London Oxford Airport, Kidlington. Our sessions are led by our fully qualified and trained teachers and educators. As caring and nurturing role models, they provide a homely environment for the children to gently unfold out of. The nursery is a rhythmical environment by its very nature, a therapeutic space that has been created with the child’s well being at heart. Children are rhythmical beings and thrive in conditions that can reflect this. The day follows a path of contraction and expansion in its movement, allowing the child to maintain a harmony of being.

We work out of an understanding of a respectful pedagogy using rhythm, repetition, inquiry and imitation, allowing the child to learn from life and out of life at a pace naturally set by them. Our ethos is to create and sustain a nursery which provides therapeutic and respectful care and education and to nurture the whole family in their journey of parenting.